Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Watching Documentary

1) There are many ways to capture and entice audiences. The opening of the film needs to get the audience tied to their seat. There are two ways of introducing a film. one can either start all the actions immediately or gradually arouse the interest of the audience slowly. Therefore, the basic question from this analysis is that should we go for total action or drama in our clip or should we slowly seduce audiences? In my own opinion=, I am very interested in going gradually to get the attention of my audience, to keep them eager for the next action and nurse their satisfaction.
2) According to Director Jean Jacques Beineix, the risk of starting a film with total action drama or instant arousal is that where and what do you do next because your audience is expecting more action. He favours going or starting with slow or gentle scenes to prepare your audience for upcoming action.
3) A good beginning should give a limited or average information to the audience, so that they don't feel void of information and loose interest and at the same time make sure that they don't know too much.
4) Critic Stanley Kauffmann described a classic opening as a film as thus;  established shot of a place to show the location, for example a city, then a shot of a building, then a window in the building, then we got into the building to the reception desk, followed by a private office where a character is shown. We then start thinking of the occupation of the character. He says that this classic opening is to establish normality.
5) Kyle Cooper's title sequence to the film Seven was so effective because it foreshadows things to happen in the film. It also mirrors the obsessive nature of the main character. It feels like part of the same movie.
6) the trick of Film Noir is putting the end of the film in the Beginning and then goes back in time.
7) the camera is like a predator following its prey ( the car). It looks like the car is driving is travelling the wrong or bad direction because the place is isolated. The music in play also adds to create suspense.

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