Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thrillers and their sub-genres.

There are different types of thrillers:
Disaster Thriller- "The Day After Tomorrow"
Techno Thriller- "Terminator"
Action Thriller- "Die Hard"
Conspiracy Thriller- "Snake Eyes", "Edge of Darkness"
Psychological Thrller- "No. 23''
Supernatural Thriller- "Paranormal Activity"
Political Thriller- "The Interpreter"
Suspense Thriller- "Phonebooth"
Erotic Thriller- "Fatal Attraction"
Legal Thriller-"A Time To Kill"
Religious Thriller- "The Da Vinci Code"
Medical Thriller -"The Experiment"

The sub genre that interests me the most is 'suspense thriller' For example: Phone booth.
this is the sub-genre that interests because films that doesn't reveal the plot and allows me to keep questioning during the film and keeps me at the edge of my seat.

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