Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Thriller audiences

Popular movie, Toy Story
Out of the 503 film released in the uk in 2009, surprisingly 31 of them were Thrillers.
The primary reason why action, animation and comedy films made up the 52% of the box office in the UK during 2009, is that these genres appeal to a wider audience ranging from children to adults.  When you combine the number people engaged by these genres, it will produce a great outcome.  Also, another particular reason is that one type of film can entice different audiences together.  For example, well known Disney animation film Toy Story will predominately attract children but also also the parents that accompany them to watch it at the cinema.
Thriller hit, Angels and Demons
Thrillers are one of the most entertaining genres with successful films such as "Angels and Demons" and "Harry Brown" but in 2009, thrillers represented the 4% accounted in the box office, which was very low. This could have ben due to the fact that Thrillers attract a small audience of mostly women of an older gender which makes thrillers have a specific set target audience. Also another reason would be that as thrillers are for older generations because of the thrilling scenes which would not be suitable for people probably under the age of 15.

The information that can be depicted from this 'Gender by Gender' diagram is that suspenseful thriller film are slightly on the female side rather than the males and comes as a popular third choice by females after Romance and Period films. Looking at this as a percentage scale, 55% of women would be attracted to females and 45% to the males who are not. This demographic still would be a reason why thriller films account for the small percentage in the UK box office.  If sub-genres were placed on this diagram there would be different outcomes.  For example, costume/period thrillers would be watched by a female audience and also supernatural thrillers as well. 
 If it was an action thriller males would be more likely to watch it rather than a female audience. So when it comes to the target demographic, it actually depends on the sub genre.  
Looking at the different thriller films, the one thing that they have in common is that they would be targeted for an older audience because of the scenes featured which would not be suitable for a younger audience and also the features in a thriller film would not appeal to them.  

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