Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Analsis of Memento by Christopher Noland of how suspense is created.

I am analysing a scene from Memento where a man was looking at a polaroid, he then fans it in the air and the image in the polaroid blurrs gradually until it disappeared and there was nothing on the polaroid. The audience where then shown the man's environment, then the man reverses his action when he shot another person.
In this clip, in terms of camera angle, suspense is created through a close up on the bullet, the eye glasses, and the blood on the wall. The audience is left asking questions like "what happened here?, Who is the man on the floor?, Why is the picture blurring?" and so on.
Furthermore, in terms of the mise en scene, objects like the bullet, the pistol, blood, eye glasses and the polaroid all contribute to creation of drama and leaving unanswered questions in the minds of the audiences.
In addition, in terms of Editing, one of the editing that took place in this scene is Match cut when the man wanted to shoot his gun. This adds to the building of tension and the creation of drama. Also, in this clip, there was a reverse effect when the man was reversing his action.
Also, in terms of sound, suspense was created through a diegetic Gunshot that emerged in the clip which can have a Visceral Effect on the audience. Also, a non diegetic sad music that intesifies and slows down gradually can be heard. It adds to the building up tension and fear in the minds of the audiences.
In terms of the typeface, the title"MEMENTO" was written in serif font which connotes seriousness. It was also spaced wider and written in capital letters.

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