Friday, 8 April 2011

YES!!! It is over.

I am exceedingly happy with my thriller opening, my blogs and the course work in general.
However, If I encountered this kind of coursework again, I know that I will do better than this because there is room for improvement.

Thanks Group 23 members, for your cooperation, dedication and motivation. You guys are the BOMB!!!
Thanks to the Technical Department for providing and trusting me with expensive equipments. You guys are the best!!!
Thanks Dan for your support and help. You are great!!!
Thanks Mary for being never tired of answering questions ( sometimes silly). You are Wonderful!!!

Evaluation Q8a; Editing and Shot framing

Honestly, The first time I handled the camera and I was to film the prelim, I knew I was so rubbish but knew I had no choice but to do it. For example, in the beginning of the prelim, the shot were shaky and really unstable. It reeked of 'amateur camera person'. Also, while trying to focus on the window of an house, it was blurry and we had to adjust it, making it more 'amateurish'. Looking back at some of the scenes, I know that something should be done and some should be removed.

However, while I was filming during the Final film, I was more steady with my use of the camera and the framings were much more better. Focussing on an object was much more better. The opening of the movie is clear enough. Just as a thriller opening should be, I did not reveal a lot of information in the beginning because I want the audience to watch on. While editing, I made use of match cuts and jump cuts.After gaining, researching  and learning about effective and relevant shots, I included a wider variety of shots in the final film. For example, screen shots below show the kitchen scene and the same action but in variety of shots.
Normal shot while walking into the kitchen
close up on opening the tap

Close up on the running tap
High angle of washing hands
Close up on water going down the drain

Mid shot of washing hands
Mid shot of wiping hands
extreme close up of drain

Evaluation Q7; Importance of Media technology

Media technology is a generic term that refers to various topics because the term "media" is generic.
In regards to Digital media which refers to any storage device that holds digital data. I have immensely improved in my use of it. Digital items include hard drive and the SD cards. After being taught how to use them, I built on this knowledge by using these items.
Digital media could also refer to any type of information stored in the computer, including data, voice and video. Storing the scenes, the making of the film, rough cut of films and intended sounds to use in storage devices, I have been able to develop this skills and get acquainted with using the skill.

Q8bProgression from prelim film to final film (Planning and Organisation skills and teamwork)

Planning is an important stage for success.

 As the adage goes that 'failing to plan is planning to fail'

Team work
 Once the groups were announced and tasks were given out, I knew how important teamwork, planning, research and organisational skills were. Lucky enough, I was grouped with such a wonderful, cooperative and dedicated team with motivation to ensure the task was a success. For example, someone in my group is an excellent artist, so when we had to create a story board for the film, she came in real handy. We all cooperated and everyone performed their tasks excellently well. I can say we did a good job.

Research and Planning

In terms of research, during the prelim, the research was of very low quality. We did very little research. But, during the final film, extensive research was done. I remembered some films that I had watched that could be inspirational and watched them again. 
Internet sites that revealed information about thriller and other important aspects were consulted. I believe that the level of research that we did was satisfactory and worthy enough.

The period of time from the making of the prelim film into the making of the final film, I can confidently say that my organisational skills have been improved. Having to joggle researching a topic with making the film, with posting blogs and other necessary actions during the making of the final film, made me realise the need for a more developed organisational skills. And to evaluate myself, I will say that was a success.

Evaluation; Q8c Progression from prelim film to final film. (Sound)

During the prelim film, No sound was included in the film. It was just the diegetic sounds that were included.

However, during the final film, Both non diegetic and diegetic sounds were included. More knowledge about using Soundtrack pro had been acquired. The sound we included gave the film a more thrilling nature. It was far more interesting and entertaining than the prelim. In my opinion, I can confidently say interms of Sound, I have immensley improved.

Evaluation: Q8dProgression from Prelim film to Final film (Mise en Scene)

In terms of mise en scene, During the prelim, We included very few mise en scene. If I were to grade myself in terms of mise en scene in the Prelim film, It will not be very good.

However, while making the Final film, In my group, we made sure that reasonable, essential, and needed mise en scene were included in the film.
The blood and scar in the face of the victim (did not cost that much) came really handy. They added a realistic atmosphere into the movie. 

The materials in the bag i.e the knife, hammer and screw driver were used to make the fim more thrilling. Actually, we were advised to use a 'Thriller knife' which we used.

The directory (intertexuality from the Terminator) is an essential part of mise en scene, as it conveys hidden meaning. The audience may be unclear at first about the directory but later on, they will understand.

The black shoes, eyeglasses and Black boots portrays evil, which concurs with the intended qualities of the killer. 

Evaluation : Progression from prelim to final film Q8

 In our prelim, there was some shots of feet/legs but the door in the way ruined the shot as we could not see what was going on. The angle was too long, with the floor occupying most of the frame and the feet were too far back. The reflection on the floor made it look unprofessional.

In our final, we made sure there were no obstacles so we could get a clear, clean shots of her feet/legs. The legs/feet walked towards the camera so we could get a closer look.
 Our establishing shot of the buildings was quite unfocused and looked a bit blurry. We zoomed in and out on the building which to me seems basic and unprofessional.
 Changing the way, we wanted for our establishing shot, we panned left to right. The lighting was fantastic (as it was ambient lighting) and there were no people on that road during the time we were filming.

Her face was not completely in line with the framing as you can see her chin was not included.

We made sure her whole face was seen, focusing on her face rather than any other body part.