Friday, 8 April 2011

Q8bProgression from prelim film to final film (Planning and Organisation skills and teamwork)

Planning is an important stage for success.

 As the adage goes that 'failing to plan is planning to fail'

Team work
 Once the groups were announced and tasks were given out, I knew how important teamwork, planning, research and organisational skills were. Lucky enough, I was grouped with such a wonderful, cooperative and dedicated team with motivation to ensure the task was a success. For example, someone in my group is an excellent artist, so when we had to create a story board for the film, she came in real handy. We all cooperated and everyone performed their tasks excellently well. I can say we did a good job.

Research and Planning

In terms of research, during the prelim, the research was of very low quality. We did very little research. But, during the final film, extensive research was done. I remembered some films that I had watched that could be inspirational and watched them again. 
Internet sites that revealed information about thriller and other important aspects were consulted. I believe that the level of research that we did was satisfactory and worthy enough.

The period of time from the making of the prelim film into the making of the final film, I can confidently say that my organisational skills have been improved. Having to joggle researching a topic with making the film, with posting blogs and other necessary actions during the making of the final film, made me realise the need for a more developed organisational skills. And to evaluate myself, I will say that was a success.

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