Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Census Animatic

Pitch: CENSUS!

Production schedule

Storyboard for Census

Evaluation of Prelim (M.M)

Group 23's prelim is based on a man asking a victim who sent her to do something and she refuses to confess. This leads her to being tortured. The location of the clip is in the college on the 3rd floor. It took half an hour to shoot and an hour to edit. Everyone in the group participated in the production of the clip and we all had an exciting experience.
The project was not really difficult, however is was not easy. We missed out a couple of shots and had to shoot the scene again. This resulted in a problem because we were not wearing the same clothes we wore when we shot the film. We had to improvise and cut out appearances to keep it in order. Some pictures were taken during the course of the production and it is available on the group's blog.
From the shooting of the prelim, each member of the group can make use of equipments like the camera, tripod and so on. We learnt how to make use of certain applications during editing like Soundtrack pro, Live type and Final cut pro.