Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation: Media Institution Q4 & 5

This student Thriller film which I stumbled across on YouTube called "Asleep".  Sharing the same sub-genre of a suspense thriller, this short film has been able to attract a wide audience via YouTube, where it was originally posted. Since its release it has a had 11, 355 hits but for the creator of this films to receive such hits, the Internet has helped his movie launch to a wide audience. Some reasons why:

  • YouTube is one of the worlds largest video sharing and wesites, and such videos can receive such views in such a short time.  They can e featured alongside other films, and that is where online users can see the film.
  • People can leave comments below, which can be used for improvements next time or just to compliment the short film.
  • They have links with iTunes, as they have used the sound "Don't Blow it" by Solaris.  If a viewer likes this song, they would be particulary enjoy the thriller.

In comparison, our fim differs from this student thriller film

  •  An independent, budget student movie, set in london.
  • The company "Kade pictures" is not an established, recognised company.
  • It will be relased through social networking sites such as blogger and vimeo and possibly YouTube.
  •  We have already had a private screening at the cinema "Screem on the Green" and later there will DVD's issued for each student.

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