Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation: Audience for media product Q3

  • Arayah, is a 17 year old teenager living in London whose main hobbies are shopping, and playing with her cat muddy.
  • Every year, Arayah attends Glastonbury with her friends.
  • She is also a part time model, but when shes not swaying down the runway, she watches movies (especially suspense thrillers) after she worked backstage on a movie set for her work experience.
  • Her sunglasses and Blackberry are some of the things she cannot live without.

Our film has been targeted for teenagers, especially females who feel that looking stylish, whatever the problem is important..  I personally think that our film is set for the right target audience but if this was supposed to be a continuous film, this would have slightly changed because we would include other people.

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