Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation : Progression from prelim to final film Q8

 In our prelim, there was some shots of feet/legs but the door in the way ruined the shot as we could not see what was going on. The angle was too long, with the floor occupying most of the frame and the feet were too far back. The reflection on the floor made it look unprofessional.

In our final, we made sure there were no obstacles so we could get a clear, clean shots of her feet/legs. The legs/feet walked towards the camera so we could get a closer look.
 Our establishing shot of the buildings was quite unfocused and looked a bit blurry. We zoomed in and out on the building which to me seems basic and unprofessional.
 Changing the way, we wanted for our establishing shot, we panned left to right. The lighting was fantastic (as it was ambient lighting) and there were no people on that road during the time we were filming.

Her face was not completely in line with the framing as you can see her chin was not included.

We made sure her whole face was seen, focusing on her face rather than any other body part.

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