Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation: Representations Q2

We are able to read a  character, simply by how they are represented in a film.   Stereotypes also help us tell how the characters will turn out to be because of pre-judged ideas for example a character darkly dressed behind a shadow connotes that she/he will be mysterious.The representation of the characters is obviously constructed, as the team working behind the filming would have decide how the characters will viewed, by aspects of mise en scene, camera & editing and sound.   However, in our short opening, we played around with the roles of our characters so that our audience will have varied interpretations of them.


Urma Thurman, Kill Bill : Vol II
Like the many Thriller films that we have watched, males were predominately the villains as it seems to be the heavy duty job and needs strength, masculinity and courage (as these are some of the qualities of males)  Although there are some females who have played the role of seeking vengeance, like Urma Thurman in Kill Bill, it is quite rare to see a protagonist as a women carrying out roles that include killing. You would have least expectations of The bride (Thurman) of not taking her role seriously.  By looking at her image, she would be sterootyped as a 'dumb' blonde who is there to look hot and attractive all the time, but our expextationd would be switched around after we see her carrying out  tircks and drawing out swords and guns.

In our Thriller opening, our protogonist is a female instead of a male to carry out the hitman role, or in this case the 'The hitwoman' to shock our audience that a female is doing this.

Mise en scene - Clothing

When choosing what colour particular mise en scene should be, it is very imporatant. For our Killer, she has been dressed in Black which connotes her sercecry, evilness and darkness within her and her reddish dyed hair gives a tint of energy and strenghth. Although, she is supposed to have this tough image, we want her to be stylish at the same time, like most females would like to. So that when she goes outside, she looks like anyother girl.

  •  Classic Ray-Ban 'Wayfarers'
  • Used to conceal her identity as she prepares to leave the home and face the public.
  • Gives a sense of 'coolness' and she would think of herself as an agent or a spy instead of a hitwoman.
  • British footwear, Dr.Marten boot
  • Protective and comforable, and because its black, the bloodstains can be easily wiped off and not visable.
  • Product placement used to show that not only they are used for heavy duty jobs but also fashionable and stylish at the same time.
  • Popularly worn, especially by women of all ages.
  •  Black trench coat popularized by Burberry and Mackintosh.
  • Black covered with components such as a belt, zips and studs to toughen up her image.
  • There are pockets on the side, for her to retreive the 'Blood list' and keep it safe.

  • Black skinny jeans.
  • Worn in everyday use, no matter what environment.
  • Easily can be tucked into her boot.

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