Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation: Technologies script

We used technology in three ways:


The Internet was the central point and primarily used in our research. Search websites such as Google was used to find examples of thriller movies for our inspiration. Also, Art of the title sequence was used as it had a variety of different sequences we could look at and find how fonts are used to give an insight to what the film is about.
We watched Dvds, at home and class, for example 'The Stepfather', 'Kill Bill' and 'The Terminator'. 
A blog was created for us on Blogger, which we would use to post regularly about our findings and analyse thriller clips and our process of making our opening. 
We found Student Clips/ Videos that other media students have made and used them for inspiration and to get ideas from them.
There was clips of thrillers we could look at, for example certain parts of films like 'Psycho', where we found inspiration from the iconic shower scene, with a close up of the plug hole. 
Youtube was used to view thriller openings to research conventions and how we could use them in our opening such as mise en scene. 


Since the animatic, we used still cameras to make a sequence using images. Since then we have used them to record our time filming for our opening. 
JVC digital tapeless cameras were the main aspect for filming our opening. In class we learned how to handle and use them, including the equipment so that we could use them effectively while filming. 


Final cut pro is an editing software used to edit and create animatics/films. We transfered the clips/images we collected/filmed on our SD cards to our video drive and then imported them on final cut and organised them into a sequence.
To create our title sequence and font, we used Livetype, which includes many transitions and effects we could use for our opening.
To go alongside our opening, we created a soundtrack using Soundtrack Pro, which provides many sounds, music and sound effects we could chose from. In the end, we used piano music and sound effects such as water with relates to 'Psycho'. 
Both Livetype and Soundtrack Pro could be imported into Final cut in order to create the final product.
When the final edit has been made, we used a software called Handbrake which converts the final cut edit to mp4, so we then could upload it onto blogger. 

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