Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Q8a; Editing and Shot framing

Honestly, The first time I handled the camera and I was to film the prelim, I knew I was so rubbish but knew I had no choice but to do it. For example, in the beginning of the prelim, the shot were shaky and really unstable. It reeked of 'amateur camera person'. Also, while trying to focus on the window of an house, it was blurry and we had to adjust it, making it more 'amateurish'. Looking back at some of the scenes, I know that something should be done and some should be removed.

However, while I was filming during the Final film, I was more steady with my use of the camera and the framings were much more better. Focussing on an object was much more better. The opening of the movie is clear enough. Just as a thriller opening should be, I did not reveal a lot of information in the beginning because I want the audience to watch on. While editing, I made use of match cuts and jump cuts.After gaining, researching  and learning about effective and relevant shots, I included a wider variety of shots in the final film. For example, screen shots below show the kitchen scene and the same action but in variety of shots.
Normal shot while walking into the kitchen
close up on opening the tap

Close up on the running tap
High angle of washing hands
Close up on water going down the drain

Mid shot of washing hands
Mid shot of wiping hands
extreme close up of drain

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