Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation: Q8dProgression from Prelim film to Final film (Mise en Scene)

In terms of mise en scene, During the prelim, We included very few mise en scene. If I were to grade myself in terms of mise en scene in the Prelim film, It will not be very good.

However, while making the Final film, In my group, we made sure that reasonable, essential, and needed mise en scene were included in the film.
The blood and scar in the face of the victim (did not cost that much) came really handy. They added a realistic atmosphere into the movie. 

The materials in the bag i.e the knife, hammer and screw driver were used to make the fim more thrilling. Actually, we were advised to use a 'Thriller knife' which we used.

The directory (intertexuality from the Terminator) is an essential part of mise en scene, as it conveys hidden meaning. The audience may be unclear at first about the directory but later on, they will understand.

The black shoes, eyeglasses and Black boots portrays evil, which concurs with the intended qualities of the killer. 

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