Monday, 17 January 2011

Introduction to Camera

Do's and Don'ts
* Take utmost care of the camera.
* Before taking the camera away from the depatrment, ensure that it is working properly and ensure that you have enough battery life.
* Whenever you want to use the camera, always insert a memory card first, and when you are done with the camera, always remove the memeory card and transfer your work to the hard drive that will be provided by the department.

* To start using the camera, fix the camera appropriately to the camera and check the amount of battery life that the battery has.

* Whenever you want to capture an image, make sure you focus, zoom in or out, adjust the view before you start.

* Never use the Camera in the rain. If you need to capture a scene in the rain, there are big umbrellas that is provided by the department. The umbrellas are for the camera not for personal use.

* Never touch the lens of the camera or apply too much force to it, as this may damage it.

* Use tripod for secure filming. Ensure that the tripod is standing well on the three legs to ensure an adequate angle. While placing camera on tripod, ensure that the camera is standing firmly on the tripod.

* Always use the camera bag and the tripod bags to ensure the safety of the equipments.

* Do not film or use camer in dangerous places to avoid theft.

* Always return Camera at the allocated time.
* While filming, Before the scene begins, start filming 5 seconds earlier and after the scene ends, film for an extra 5 seconds because of editing purpose.

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