Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Types of thriller subgenres and their examples

There are different types of thrillers. Here is a list of them;
Disaster Thriller- "2012", "The Day After Tommorrow"
Techno Thriller- "Terminator", "The matrix"
Action Thriller- "Die Hard", "Big Momma,s House"
Conspiracy Thriller- "Snake Eyes", "Edge of Darkness"
Psychological Thrller- "No. 23", "Cape Fear"
Supernatural Thriller- "Paranormal Activity", "Lady in the Water"
Political Thriller- "Vantage Point", "The Interpreter"
Suspense Thriller- "Phonebooth"
Erotic Thriller- "Fatal Attraction", "Colour of Night"
Legal Thriller-"The Client", "A Few Good Men"
Religious Thriller- "The Da Vinci Code", "The Ninth Gate"

From the list of the above types of thriller, the one that excites me most is the Action Thriller because it does not only have the elements of a Thriller that provide thrills and keeps me cliff-hanging at the "edge of my seat" as the plot builds towards a climax, it also has scenes that are fast paced, action filled, energetic and lots of physical feats, gunplay and car chases that keeps me focussed and attentive to the Television through out the whole film. One Action Thriller that I really love is "Die Hard".
Die Hard

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