Saturday, 15 January 2011

Analysis of a Title Sequence

Title Sequence of 'What Lies Beneath':

1. State the Production & Distribution companies. How are they introduced? What purpose do they serve at the start of the movie?

The purpose of introducing the companies at the start of the movie is to give credit to the people within the companies who provided for the movie and from the beginning the viewers will notice them, therefore it is also good for advertising.

  • 20th Century Fox

Font is bold and gold. Music includes drums, trumpets and violins. There are moving lights and overall it gives a 'Hollywood' atmosphere.
  • Image Movers

A train animation is made from a film (one in a cannister) and train sound effects are made.
  • Dreamworks Pictures

Font is Bold and White to stand out from the blue background. 

2. List the information that is included in the title sequence.

The only information at the beginning is that of the names of the distribution and production companies mentioned above (which are also repeated for emphasis) and the title of the film, 'What Lies Beneath'. This means all other information is noted at the end credits. 

3. Title sequence timeline:

0.00-0.23: 20th Century Fox
0.24-0.40: Image Movers
0.41-1.00: 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Pictures Present
1.01-1.11: An Image Movers Production
1.12-1.22: What Lies Beneath (title)
1.23-2.44: Opening Scene

4. Film Title - Where exactly is this placed? 

It is placed in the middle, after the companies are introduced which is just before the opening scene.

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