Monday, 24 January 2011

The Structure of Thriller Openings

There are 3 basic structures that an opening can have, a fourth one can also be included. These structures are:

  • A narrative opening
A narrative opening includes the titles running throughout. An example of this would be the opening for 'The Shining'. Narrative openings tells a story, therefore it is part of the film instead of it being a separate film. This particular opening shows the tracking of a car travelling, and the immediate thought would be that the film would involve the people inside of the car.

The opening for 'Panic Room' is also narrative, as it sets the scene for the story, with a range of shots of Times Square that can be easily recognised, along with the 3D font affect that the titles have which are on these buildings. 

  • A discrete title sequence
This means that the opening is a separate film, which is small and self contained. An example would be the opening for 'Se7en', which feature mainly close ups and creates a strange atmosphere and therefore sets the mood to then make viewers prepared for the events in the actual film.

  • Titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening
'Donnie Darko' is an example of this, as the only aspects in the opening is focused on the music building up and the setting gradually getting revealed. Only then is the title introduced and the next scene enters. 

  • 'Stylized editing' 
This kind of creative editing is seen in'Taking of Pelham 123'. It has mixed the scenes with the credits, and has effectively made the transitions similar to how trains start and then carry on. This is done with sound effects of train noises to continue this interpretation. 

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