Monday, 17 January 2011

List of Thriller Genres

Hundreds of Thriller films such as The cell, Enemy of the State or Fatal Attraction are put into categories of sub-genres.

These are some of the genres of Thriller films below:

Black Swan

Action Thrillers:  The 6th day, Mission: Impossible ll, Vertical Limit, Versus
Psychological ThrillersVanilla Sky, Psycho, Panic room, Black Swan
Paranoid Thrillers:  Minority Report, Cloak & Danger
Supernatural Thrillers:  Dark Water, Undermined, Gothika
Comedy Thrillers:  Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Stuntman
Political Thrillers:  Enemy of the State, Munich, Vantage point
Science Fiction Thrillers:  Jurassic Park, Matrix
Conspiracy Thrillers:  Snake eyes, Edge of Darkness, Marathon Man
Crime Thrillers:  A Perfect Murder, Confidence, Memento, Oceans 11
Disaster Thrillers: 2012, The day after Tomorrow, Deep Impact
Erotic Thrillers:  Fatal Attraction, Poison Ivy, The last seduction
Legal Thrillers:  The Runaway Jury, The Client, A Time to Kill
Suspense Thrillers: Psycho, The Stepfather


I would like to extract some parts of this film into my own film in the future as I would like people to still remember that what they are watching is a Thriller, keeping them curious because of the references that can be drawn from Psycho.

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