Monday, 24 January 2011

The Structure of Thriller openings

All films follow a basic structure for an opening and vary in different ways:

Narrative opening (with titles running throughout):

This type of opening is connected with the main film as it gives us an insight of what might happen in the film.   In the "The Shinning" we [the audience] were able to adopt the persona of a spy, sitting in a helicopter, flying over a tranquille countryside whilst following a car .  The vast landscapes creates a mood of isolation and mystery.  Also, the music and the people sitting in the car create a mood because we are unsure of what they are up to.  

Discrete openings:

Much different from the other two openings that I have looked at. This type of opening is a small self contained film. An example is the film Seven.

Titles over a blank screen (usually followed by the narrative opening):
Titles continously appear behind a blank screem, usually accompanied with music or sound effects to make it effective. This style is used in the film Danny Darko, where the music builds up and we get a landscape scenery followed.

Stylized Editing':
The example we watched was 'Taking of Pelham, 1, 2, 3' where the titles moved horrizontly like a train. This is more creative and effective as it hints what events may happen later in the film, which will be something to do with trains.  The titles also relate to the film.

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