Monday, 24 January 2011

Analysis of the Fonts.

The type of fonts used to design a title sequence is an important aspect in film production. The type of font that is used tells the audience a lot about the film, characters, tone or mood of the film. It even tells of what kind of film it is i.e year or decade of production, film genre and so on. Here are some analysis of some fonts that have been used to design titles.
Pearl Harbour
The type of font that was used here is Palatino. It terms of promoting this film, it gives it an appearance that suggests that it was made in the 40's.
Here, The type of font in place is Franklin Gothic Heavy. It is big, bold and hard in. It was chosen because it makes a refrence to a rock, which connotes something that is big, heavy and so on.

Here, The writing looks unstable and not normal, thus making it look like it was done by someone psychotic, therefore adding to the mood of the film.

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