Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Analyse of an opening sequence.


'Memento' is a psychological thriller hence the title 'Memento' which means a reminder of events.
At the beginning of the opening sequence is of someone holding on to a polaroid with the title written across it in serif font spaced out in a big font. in the way the title has been written conotates seriousness The person has gripped the tip making sure they do not smudge the picture ,which is of a red splat (blood) in a white tiled room.The picture also shows a body laying faced down. The audience may start to ask 'Whose blood is it and what happened?' 'is he the FBI or any kind of police department since he has taken a picture of blood?' (as the mise en scene will naturally conotate a crime scene being investigated).This is when suspense is built.

As the clip goes on the man (who is holding the poloraid) is shown and we are shown what has happened but in reverse shot which answers the audience questions. The high camera angle the killer has over the victim shows the power he has. There is a close up on bullets,the glasses of the victim and blood on the wall allowing the audience to get the content of the scene. Match cut was used when the gun was being shot this added to then tension.

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