Saturday, 15 January 2011

Analysis of Thriller clip

One of the thriller clips we watched in class was the opening to the film 'Deja Vu', directed by Tony Scott. The clip involves sailors and members of the public based in America, boarding and enjoying themselves on a boat trip. This means normality taking place at the beginning.

In terms of camera, it is distant and observing what is taking place, meaning it is not emotionally involved. There are many close ups of faces to give the viewers an insight the emotion the people on board currently have. Another close up is made on the doll scene, when a girl drops her doll into the water by accident, followed by slow motion to suggest bad foreshadowed events. The people on the ship wear casual clothing to represent the general public, again linking to the normality of the situation. The sailors are recognised with the usual white and blue/black uniform, as also the captain to show his importance and remind the viewers that the location is currently on a ship. When the long shot of a stranger standing on a bridge, spying on the ship, they are wearing black clothing which suggests that they are involved with the bomb explosion that took place at the end of the clip.

The music suggests suspense and is very ominous by being slow and includes emotional piano playing, violins and beats that represent heart beats. This is done so happy roles are mixed with heavier sounds. But then a happy atmosphere is made when joyful music with trumpets playing. However, a contrapuntal sound is made, which involves in making the sound contrast with the mood created. In this case, the abandoned car is playing music with the lyrics 'Don't worry baby', which is ironic because of the bomb left inside which eventually blows up the whole ship. 

During the explosion, Jump cuts are made so that viewers are seeing continuous action which will shock them and keeps the fast pace of the stunt. Although, slow motion is used so the viewers can analyse the impact of the bomb and the effects it has made to passengers and the ship itself and work with their emotions, having a mix of sympathy and shock.

The typeface used is type written, fitting in with the time era it is currently in. The words are lower-case, surrounded by a square effect which ranges in size and sometimes freezes to emphasise the supposed targeting the people are subjected to.

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