Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Art of the title sequence & Font Analysis

Analysis of the title sequence for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

The first thing I noticed is the epilepsy effect inducing the opening credits. It gives a 3-D effect, including visual effects such as the lightening bolts. This links with the theme of 'Guitar hero' the opening is trying to portray, giving it a modern feel. As for the transitions, the motion is in sync with the music, in particular with the guitar beats. The actual text is seen on top of pieces of colourful, moving art work including paint and doodles. 
   The font is mainly either black or white to contrast to the background. The names are in bold and in capitals so that it stands out more. The main title, 'Scott Pilgrim' is represented with a large size, and in a font that translates a comic book/video game theme which is mainly the style of the whole film. 
   The camera zooms out from the band at the start, leading up to behind the other characters, to give the impression that the audience is viewing it with them. The opening ends with a close up, to give the character emotional impact. This opening appealed to me because I am interested in music and this clip translated a music vibe by using interesting transitions and techniques that are creative and captures attention.


This is the universal studios logo that appears before the video. It has been pix-elated, image and music wise, to give the visual experience of a video game, which relates with the genre. This type of opening would interest younger viewers from around 12+. 

More Font Analysis:

This font is called PALATINO. It translates a 1940's feel, and sets the scene/background information for the movie.
Franklin Gothic Heavy was chosen for this movie, as it is bold, big, strong, thick and spread out in capitals to represent masculinity. 

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