Wednesday, 16 March 2011

what we are going to do next for second filming

We have come to a conclusion that our first day of shooting did not go well, but looking back at our filming we can make improvements for next time.

  • When we started editing on Final Cut Pro and then reviewed our film, the film did not make sense, as there were unclear shots and there were scenes that jumped a lot.  So we need to make sure that next time we have a minimum of 3 shots of each scene so that if there is a problem with one we can use another. 

  •  Although we used natural lighting from the windows, the lighting was not good and in some scenes it was difficult to see what was going on, especially the extreme and close up shots.  So next time, we need to ensure that we will use the spotlight for an even lighting.

  • As part of our Mise en Scene, the fake blood was a problem as it was hard to stay on the victim(Kehinde) face and started to drip.  To make our 'blood' stay on , we are going to add something like PVA glue or a type of juice to make it thicker and stay on the face, no matter what position the head is in. Also, the blood was quite runny, watery and pale when it was smothered on the list but having something added to the 'blood' will make it run smoothly.

  •  When editing our film on Fianl cut, we realised there were things in the way that were not meant to be. We did not realise things like the Tripod and spotlight being in the way plus wires lying on the floor. Even though, the scene is in the living room, we do not want to disturb the environment by removing things.

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