Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION: Representation of Social Groups.

Male / Female Stereotype

Strong, evil man
In terms of representation of stereotypes, it is general assumption that men are the perpetrators of evil while women are helpless, defenceless victim. However, in the thriller opening we played with this representation and Stereotype and made a female to be the killer. stereotypes tells us who the victim is and who the evil person is. However, in this thriller, it is unclear why a woman should be the evil person and why the she kills people.

Defenceless, helpless woman.
Stereotype male killer in the Step father

Tables turned around- Female killer in Census (Group film)

Race Stereotype
In accordance with general perception in most films, black people are mostly stereotyped as being killers, dangerous and commiters of most crimes. This is mostly the case with black males. However, in order to contradict this stereotype, We (group members) decided to use a white female as the killer rather than a male (white or black) and a black person. 
Portraying rare killer woman stereotype
Portraying Black male stereotype

Construction of Character:
Black Glasses
In movies, the character's personality, class and status can be depicted through mise en scene, lighting, camera, editing and sound. In my thriller opening, the evil person can be easily recognised as being evil from her costume. All dressed in black. Her actions are evil, thus the lighting of the movie is dark. 
On the other hand, the dead character can be said to be of the lower middle class as the opening of the film shows a lower middle class street. The victims house reflects an urban residential location in North London.
Black boots
Black Coat
Residential Houses

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