Friday, 25 March 2011

Process of final edit

We found it very difficult to finish the final edit. We had to include music and titles and make sure that they work correctly together. During the process of adding the titles, we noticed that the transition of the names were too slow. They were not easy to read, so we tweaked them by using the freeze frame method so that they would run longer. We added the production titles before our opening to indicate the companies that would be producing the film in the first place. The transitions are quite quick, but we did not want them to run on that long.
   In all, the final edit is a success. It is a guaranteed improvement from the rough cut as we have fixed the jumps and zoom ins that were a problem before. The suspense scenes were captivating and worked well with the music and set the mood of intensity. The viewers (15+) will experience this and will be at the edge of their seat.

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