Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Evaluation for rough cut

Changes to be made:

After feedback from our rough cut, we decided to make some changes in order to improve our opening. We noticed that there were many jumps and the scenes were not running as smoothly as we wanted. We need to fix the following errors in order to improve the quality:

  • Jumps - Scenes that play too fast as the transition has not been carried out thoroughly.
  • Get rid of zoom ins - Looks too unprofessional and decreases quality.
  • Make the opening shorter - Even though the minimum time is 2 minutes, we don't want it to carry on for too long in case it drags on too much, or gives away too much information. We want the viewer to continue watching with anticipation.
  • Use new re-filmed shots to make it more clear to view e.g. blurred shots.

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