Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation: Social groups

Comparison of representation:

Representation of environment:

Middle class house, represents normality, and makes it more realistic.


Normally in thriller films, the victim is a female. An example of this is are the female victims in 'The Stepfather'. In 'Census', I was the killer, and I am female, with the victim also being female. This differs to most films as the typical killer would be male.

Below is a Low Angle shot of the male killer to show that he is powerful and has high authority. Both charaters use a knife.
Uma Therman in 'Kill Bill', a female killer wearing the iconic yellow jumpsuit.

The female Census killer, in a black uniform, connoting evil.
In terms of race, most of the time the victim is white, with the killer sometimes represented by a black person with negative connotations. However, in our opening, we have cast the victim as black, and the killer white, to twist these representations and turn them on their head.

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