Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mise en scene wishes/changes..

The cat.
We wanted to add a cat to the mise en scene as cats do connote evilness and add to making the atmosphere scarier. But unfortunately we could not add this scence because it did not fit ,making film 'jumpy'.
Also the camara woman and one of the actors were scared of the cat which meant we couldn't take more than one shot..

we wanted to use a briefcase so the murderer could place their tools in but unfortunately Evie's father took the ideal briefcase to work! we had to improvise quickly and there it was.. the colleges camera bag.
it came in very handy!

The Fake Blood.
We wanted the fake blood to run with the water but it was too thick.
Evie and Kenny suggested to mix it with Cranberry juice/robbinsons (so we did) and it ran down perfectly.
That scene was the best scene in out opening- the group agreed.

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