Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Day 1 - Evaluation

Day one at Evies house.  Our first day shooting did not go to well.  We found it difficult where to start, as there were lots of scenes to shoot like the Hammer, Kitchen and body scenes. So we decided to rearrange the scenes we were planning to follow on our storyboard.  So we did not have enough time to shoot the scenes we planned to shoot such as the body and note scene because we shot a lot of takes for those scenes.

Our first scene took place in the living room, starting off with the body scene. We did not want to get too much shots of her because of there would be too much shots focused on legs and foot, so we had to change the position of the body. Since Evie had cats, we wanted to use them as a motif for Evies character since it would depict her evilness. It was difficult trying to get the cat to walk across the corridor, after many re takes and also some of the team members were afraid. We thought of abondoning the idea of using the cat but because it was an interesting idea just for the cat to walk, there was no contact with the team and the cat.

Shortly, we moved onto the next scene which was crossing out names from the list.  We tried finding a phone book directly but found an alternative 'Thomsons Local.' We faced some problems, as the directory mostly showed company names. We had to do retakes of the main character (Evie) crossing out names off the list with the 'fake' blood.  Crossing out the names from the lists was a problem. At times, there was too much blood on her finger, which made the list wet, the blood did not run across the name well and faded towards the end and Evie had to repeatedly cross out the name berore she even got to the end of the name.

However, from all the problems we faced, it will help us next time when we film again.

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