Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation: Forms and Conventions

Some forms and Conventions of real media products that is included in my opening to a thriller movie includes;

  • Setting of Location: Setting of location in a thriller opening is a convention or real media products. The first screen shot is from the Stepfather while the second screen shot is from my Thriller opening. Getting idea or insight from the stepfather, I have been able to include the setting of location in my own thriller opening. A similarity between the opening of the Stepfather and the opening of my Thriller is the showing of houses to show that the scene is taken place in a residential place.

  • Title sequence in a very specific order: In comparison with the title sequence in the Stepfather, the title sequence in my thriller opening appeared in a specific order of the characters, and other production crew. This element is used in my clip in order to reflect the forms and conventions of real media products.

  • Production company ident at the beginning: Production companies ident gives information about the company that produced the film which can also establish the genre of the film. In comparison to the Stepfather, I included two production company's ident in my thriller opening i.e ''Candi Studios'' and ''Kade Productions''. 

    • Intertexuality (mise en scene):  In the stepfather, One of the mise en scene, The list of names with some crossed out was used, I decided to use this in my film as an element of intertexuality so as to reflect the conventions of real media products.

  • Sound:

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