Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mise en Scene sunglasses

In many countless Thriller movies (and other genres too) sunglasses are everywhere to be seen, and are no longer used for their purpose of protecting ones eyes from the sun.Glasses are worn from agents, models, killers to criminals cruising on the high way.  Here are some Thriller movies, in which sunglasses have been used to add that bad boy/girl, toughness but coolness to their image. The purveyor of sunglasses, Ray ban styles have been seen in these films. 

The Terminator

The Matrix

Men in Black

Apart from the tough image, sunglasses give can also be used to conceal an identity and to show that person wants to block everything in sight and set eyes only on what they plan to do. In our thriller opening, we have planned to use sunglasses so that the face (eyes) do not give away who the person is when they go outside

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